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A recent HBSC study from June 2021 found that 8.5% of Luxembourg pupils were online victims of cyberbullying. 16.6% of pupils had experienced Bullying in person, and these are only statistics of reported facts. How many unreported facts are happening?

In fact, children experience Bullying, which increases the risk of poor health, and social and educational outcomes in childhood and adolescence.

Further, Bullying can cause bodily harm, emotional distress, and deprivation of rights. And even witnessing Bullying can negatively affect someone's well-being.

Bullying requires a comprehensive response. The schools have some programs against Bullying and harassment. It's a good program, but it only works on minor issues, and when there is some serious issue, this program can't do much. Unfortunately, the international anti-bullying program says that: "Bullying may be verbal, social, sexual, physical, racist, consist of threats and coercion, cause the loss of property and money, or lead to violence! 

At Delta Kids, we implement an anti-bullying campaign, which is very actual. We are working daily to reach the maximum number of kids possible to completely prevent the issue that international Anti-bullying programs can't fix.

Our anti-bullying program is different. We have different definitions of a bully. 

We teach kids about what is the bully and what crime is. 
We make kids understand how to avoid and what to avoid, but kids will know that they have full rights to defend themselves when it comes to crime. 

Of course, we are not calling for fighting and violence, but sometimes it is the only key to dealing with these problems, which it's been 20 years that modern anti-bullying programs can't fix, and meanwhile, kids are getting mental trauma and, even worst, committing suicide!

We are not supporting violence, and that's why Self-defense will be the last thing kids will do to defend themselves or their friends in the schools or outdoors.

(Unlike international anti-bullying programs, there is no physical or sexual bullying. We consider it a crime!)

We are searching the parents who suffer from this issue (and who have not yet), and we call everyone to join our program and together fix the problem.

so please, if its you who is reading this or if you know fellow parents who suffer from it please contact us and join us in our campaign

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