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Hello dear parents, below you see the activities that Delta Survival School presents to kids. Each course contains valuable educational information and of course a lot of Fun. The courses are tailored to develop Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem, Teamwork and Leadership Skills, and a good level of self-resilience. 
The courses which have different levels, each kid must start from level 1, after (If) successfully finishing the course, kids will receive a Delta Survival School certificate, which allows a kid to move to the next level. 
Delta Survival School's team are looking forward to welcoming your kids to our courses

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Basic training

Basic training, where families going to learn and practice beginners Survival and bushcraft skills

Good enough for without parents

Kids going to perform without parents and take decisions alone

Brave enough for overnight stay

During overnight course there are new skills to learn, but what's most important is to face the night in the forest

This course teaches participants how to navigate on unfamiliar territory using only a compass

On Level 2, participants will learn how to read topographic maps and how to work map and compass together

Skills that every kid must know

Our Ninja skills classes are designed to help children channel their boundless energy into something productive, it is exclusive and unique event that you have never seen before

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