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The family emergency plan - Building a Plan You Can Break in Case of Emergency

Safety and fire drills are routinely conducted in workplaces and schools, but most people do not apply these drills in their homes and family life. Red Cross statistics show that only one in six people will assess the potential risks of emergencies in their area, draw up an emergency plan and receive an emergency kit to protect their families. People avoid this type of planning because they don't want to think about the worst-case scenario, or the job seems too big and intimidating. In fact, being unprepared for a potential emergency is much scarier than waiting.

We've broken down some steps to creating your own family disaster plan to help your family be safe and prepared for whatever life or mother nature throws at them.

Look at the likely risks

What are the most likely disasters where you live? You can look at historical data or call your local municipality to find out what types of hazards are most common in your area. For example, do you live near a river, railroad tracks, or in an area nicknamed "Tornado Alley"? You will also want to write down items that can hit anyone, anywhere, such as a fire.

Talk to your Family